The truth

November 5, 2009

What do u see here?

i see 2 heroic people fighting for kazistan. the founder of this nationality was first founded by Manuel C the 6th. His super duper coolness has had a legacy impacting weak humans such as hitler and the ghost of micheal jackson. is this conflict necessary? yes. WHY? cuz its awsome for 2 ppl to fight outside an old lady’s house. but if we didnt have wars we couldnt save the world from computer genius DOCTOR OZ!!!!!!! the greates supervillain ever to roam the earth of its nicely placed kkk surroundings


Should porn be distributed to schools?

November 5, 2009

First of all porn is…. like a man’s pleasure. he cant have his life without porn….or can he? Mr. T and his cool and hip sidekick mr. yum yums aka Nick werz will spread the holy religion of mormonism. CAN HE DO IT?????!! YES!!!!! YES!!!! WIN!!!!!!!! with the holy power of love nicky boy will save the day and shower his love toward the american and jewish people, but the catch is he has to juggle 5 beanie babies to do his special move. THE UGLY DUCKLING MOVE!! no one can withstand the sexyness of the ugly duckling move….but he’s not alone as he has BACON LAD!!!!!!!!!!! yes this super duper daredevil can kick but with his bacon beam and his trusty bacon rope which will  sprout out evil little bacon children who will go and defeat the opponent and lastly Prinicpl NTS!!! is here to antagonize our heroes!!! He is the evil overlord of level 8 of Pallet Town of Pokemon. Will our heroes save the day? or be raped by a piece of paper? stay tuned to find out on the next adventure of  THE NICK WERZ, BACON LAD, AND NTS FILES!

Is T>Kstrength better than an ants?

November 5, 2009

We’ve all seen TGT strength. He can’t even throw a rock! its like when he tries to throw somethig, his arm falls off and the ambulance has to come and stitch it back up again. THE GUY has surgery every 3 hours!!! no….we have to save this guy. He’s like a brothers niece mother pucker to me. He’s soooooo cool. With his jokes and sarcism. This world belongs to S.M. he is our god!!! he will judge those who’ve done wrong and spank them furiously with his wand of wymzy which elevates his power level to over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s our true ruler. he supports the kkk and worships a guy called stan.

Hello world!

October 21, 2009

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